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Who we are

Sylvia Tielman

After wandering around the world for many years, she finally settled on Curaçao. She is a friendly, active, passionate, Indonesian lady. She and her husband, friend and assistant Jan, have already lived twenty years in the Caribbean. Her three children Ronald, Michiko and Billy Jane live with their family in different parts of the world.

The tropical one-way wind, the inviting waving palm trees, the white sandy beaches, and the warm friendly people were perfect ingredients for her to stay.  It was love at first sight. Her husband Jan provided her a wonderful place where she can be busy with her favorite activities at stichting GRACIAS.

On Curaçao there are many beauty parlors for nails, hair, and body care. Most of the parlors are just for glamour. Sylvia decided to start a beauty parlor for the soul, a parlor where she can help people to remember how perfect they are.  GRACIAS is a quiet and nice place where people can feel safe and understood, a place where people can find themselves again and where they can get the tools to make life easier and happier.

With Yasmin Verschure, her Reiki teacher, Sylvia learned to discover the wonderful possibilities of Reiki, the method of natural healing. It was the opening of an endless way of happiness and love. She founded GRACIAS, which means THANK YOU, thank you for all the good things in life. By pronouncing the name GRACIAS, she thanks the universe for all the blessings in her life. 

Your mind is like a light bulb
You don’t know whether it can enlighten you,
Until you decided to switch it on

From “now is the time forever” Hugo de Vries.    






Richard Sylvia


Gracias Therapies

beauty parlor for the soul

Besides giving Reiki treatments and classes you can also turn to Sylvia for other disciplines. Counseling , regression therapy , hypnotherapy , bereavement treatment, relationship therapy for partners, both for parents and children. Supervision of burnout and stress problems . Teambuilding and coaching. Breaking patterns, adjusting values. Counseling is used for problems with a (slight) psycho-social background such as persistent stress, a feeling of not being happy or not functioning optimally. Also, counseling is used to gain insights into questions of life , the value of one's own existence , where we want to take our lives .

May Sylvia be your guide guide in the labyrinth of many possibilities ?



  • Reiki lessons and treatment
  • Hypnoses therapy
  • Relation therapy for partners
  • Relation therapy for parents and children
  • Burn out guidance
  • Stress and depression guidance
  • Team building
  • Mourning guidance

USD 50,- per hour, following hours USD 35.-
For inhabitants: Curaçao rate.

Treatments and massage

  • Reiki treatment
  • Pijit, Indonesian relaxation and therapy massage
  • Reflexology body and feet
  • Hot stone massage
  • Foot massage
  • Ayurvedic treatments

USD 70,- p. hour 

Spa Treatments, Asian Shower

(4 to 5 hours p.p.)

  • Aloe packing
  • full body massage
  • chakra cleaning
  • Reiki treatment
  • Indonesian meal
  • exotic fruit mixes/drink

USD 200.- (p.p.)

Reiki Course*:

  • Reiki  I $155.-
  • Reiki II $545.-

*Please make appointments 00-5999-5692199


What is Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese word and means Universal Life-Force. It is the energy that is present everywhere, visibly or invisibly. Reiki is an all-pervading energy. Reiki is the power to reunite with our divine sparks, in such a way that our self-healing capacity is activated and we are enabled to purge our-selves. Reiki can help you to let go old habits and start new beginnings. It makes you aware of your own responsibilities.  Your intuition grows stronger, your fears fade away and your self-confidence grows. It supports you, to get to know yourself much better. 

A Reiki Class can be given in a weekend or four evenings. In a Reiki Class are the initiations given by your Reiki Teacher. The Reiki Teacher will open you for the Reiki energy. To become a Reiki practitioner you do not need to have any preliminary training. 

The Reiki Principals:

  • Today we do not anger
  • Today we do not worry
  • Today we honor our parents, teachers and elders
  • Today we earn our living honestly
  • Today we show gratitude to every living thing


Eco Lodging


At our two and a half acre property we offer you the opportunity to go back to basics. You will go to bed with an oil lamp. In the early morning, the birds will wake you up by singing their love songs. You can watch the sunrise from your own block hut with an ocean view. Feel the one-way wind blow away all your stress and other needless baggage.  Have breakfast and dinner at our family dining table. 

The bathroom accommodation which has cold/by the sun heated water, is in a separate unit.

Block hut Eur. 50,- p.p.p.d. inclusive breakfast and dinner. All soft drinks are for free. 

At our property we have a stone house where our family lives. A stone apartment which we use as an indoor therapy room, we have a wooden outdoor therapy house with sea view and two block huts. On the floor of our therapy rooms we have sea sand. The healing process starts with your first step when you enter the rooms. The products we use on our project all have their own natural source. The aloe grows in the yard, the earth for packing the red earth, we find at Terra Cora itself, which means red earth. The oils we use for the massages come from the Death Sea. 

As you notice Curaçao has a lot of goodies to offer you. Come and enjoy them.






We are looking forward to see you
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